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Hi, everyone, I have been busy lately trying my hand at animating some of my cartoons and publishing them on YOU TUBE….still getting some new ideas and toons up on THENUTBANKFILES, if anyone wants to check out my animations, please go to dubbleseleven channel on you tube and leave me a comment if you wish.Thanks all.

Wishing all my readers a very merry christmas ( hi steve) and a happy new year, we at the nutbankfiles hope you find peace and happiness in 2015, and we look forward to your continued support in the future

well, as you can all see i am in the midst of fooling around with my site, a little change here, a little tweak there…..hmmmm….i think its starting to take shape, but still needs work, wish me luck as i stumble through this. all the best

Nice to see a few hits coming my way over the last few weeks, I havnt been as pro-active as I would have liked lately with my output, hopefully people enjoy the cartoons I do and pass on a good word about this site to their friends. Cheers everyone

Hi, looks like I'm going through a snowman period. lol....can;t seem to get them off my mind, must have something to do with my snow trip a few weeks ago...anyway, hope you enjoy them. Hmmmm...I'm off to Bali next month, wonder what I will come back with, maybe a few cartoons about elephants.

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